100% Don Batista natural geisha K Cup Capsules

100% Don Batista natural geisha K Cup Capsules

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Who Should Drink It

Those who spend large sums of money for exceptional teas may find particular value in this crisp, subtly balanced but extravagantly aromatic Gesha.

Located to the west of the Barú Volcano, our farm is located in the Altos del Colorado area halfway between the towns of Volcán and Rio Sereno. Invaded to the north by virgin forest and bounded to the south by the Colorado River, it enjoys a privileged location. Centennial trees as a roof, multiple streams together with a unique weather phenomenon in the area and a soil full of minerals create an ideal environment for our coffee plants.

A documented fact that influences the characteristic flavors of Panamanian coffee is the shape of the country, narrow and lying from east to west, surrounded by two great seas, with water winds from the south and north over the entire country. They collide with the mountain range and create a cool rain that hardly sprays the crops in some months of the year, which creates some ideal microclimates for coffee, thanks to the mixture of “cold and hot wind currents from the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea The bajareque is produced, a very fine thin rain unique in the world» this added to fertile volcanic soils make Panamanian coffee unique