Shipping & Returns

Free Shipping on Orders Over $49 CAN Offer

Yep - you can get everything shipped to you for free. The $49 total must be before taxes and shipping, and can't be combined with any other offer (including coupons and vouchers). By default, visitors are assumed to be from Ontario/Quebec unless otherwise specified.

We also ship across Canada Free Shipping Over $69.

We check rates from CanadaPost, Canpar, UPS and FedEx. We'll ship based on which is least expensive and provides the quickest delivery.

Note About Shipping Surcharges: The shipping fees we show are based on average shipping costs to our customers, which means that some orders may require additional shipping fees. This is 100% dictated by the couriers, not us. Common locations include Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut and addresses outside major city centers in western Canada. As specified at CanadaPost, if the second number in your postal code is a zero, there is likely to be a shipping surcharge ("rural" or "remote" by CanadaPost definitions). Put your order through normally, and we'll hold the order until the additional fees are paid, or you decide to cancel the order for a full refund - no hassles.

Note About Overweight Surcharges: Our coffees and teas fall within a reasonable weight per item, permitting us to ship them for a reasonable cost under the shipping policy. Some items such as machines and bottles are disproportionately heavy and incur additional shipping costs (by the pound), which varies between provinces and cities. Where applicable, Overweight Surcharges may be shown on the shipping page during checkout, after you have provided a postal code that can be checked against CanadaPost. These rates are not shown to visitors whose postal codes we haven't yet been provided as they could cause confusion to visitors they don't apply to.

Order Tracking

All shipments will receive a tracking number once shipped, this tracking number will be emailed to the email address you provide during checkout.

Our Packaging and Damaged Products

You hate receiving a broken or leaking package - it creates a hassle and delays how long you have to wait to enjoy your products. And we empathize with you. That's why we go to extensive measures to properly pack and ensure that your products arrive in tact - on time, the first time.

If for some reason a package does arrive leaking, broken or damaged, we recommend that you do not sign for it. We'll typically re-ship products if they arrive damaged, or refund the cost of the product if out of stock. Products that break during shipping due to freezing temperatures are excluded from this policy and will not be refunded or reshipped.

Return Policy and Refunds

Don't like it? Send it back. Returns will be accepted on all unopened products that are still in resaleable condition within 30 days. You will have to pay for all actual shipping fees to and from your location though, which can actually make up more than the cost of the product itself. We recommend that you don't buy anything that you purchase anything that you might want to return. Note: "Free Shipping" isn't actually free, you'll be refunded your order minus the shipping fees. This policy does not include products that are beyond the "Best Before" or "Expiry" date, or have been custom roasted (such as coffee and espresso), which can't be returned.

If your order is undeliverable due to an incorrect address you provided, incorrect email address, or your failure to pick-up if the package can not be delivered to your location, your order will be refunded (less the cost of shipping both ways) after we receive the shipment back at our location. If the order is for coffee, which is fresh roasted and not resaleable, you will not be refunded. If you provide an incorrect address, that is corrected en-route to your address, you will be charged CanadaPost's "Address Correction Fee".

Refunds can only be issued via the original payment method - credit card or Paypal. There is a 60 day technological limit on refunds, after which point we are blocked from issuing refunds. Any pending orders or refunds can only be issued as store credit after this period. Under no circumstances will BuyCoffeeCanada issue cash, cheques, direct deposits, email money transfers or other forms of payment. Problems with incorrect product on an order, or damage, must be reported within 7 days of the courier's indicated delivery date, regardless of whether you picked up on that date or not.

Our employees are valued and we guarantee a hostility-free workplace. They are given the autonomy to cancel or refuse customer orders who are rude or hostile, at their own discretion. Remember to be respectful and patient when contacting us via phone or email and we will reciprocate the courtesy and do our best to resolve any issues.

Shipping Times

Shipping times displayed on the website are best-guess approximations. Due to courier schedules, holiday hours of operations and fluctuations in shipping volumes, shipping estimates may be off. If you MUST have a product by a specific date, please include a comment during checkout and we will try to work with you to accommodate the deadline, or let you know if we are unable to.

Order Processing Times

We typically aim for a 24 hours processing time, but a number of factors may affect that and we don't guarantee it. Order processing can be affect by order volumes at different times of year, surges in order volume during holiday seasons or promotions, and inventory status. Mondays are especially busy days (Tuesday in the case of long-weekends) and may add a day to the processing time. Once you receive an email that your order has been placed in "Processing", no further changes can be made. Replying to emails we send may add a delay to processing as your order is automatically placed on hold so that we can reply to your email.

Due to rapid changes in inventory levels and some large quantity orders, inventory may go out of stock without notice. When this happens, we may ship the remainder of the order, or hold the order while we ask if you'd like to substitute the out-of-stock item for a different product. If you're placing an order for a particular item, please include it in the comments during checkout so that we know not to short-ship it.

Orders from Outside Canada are Free to USA Only.

We're able to ship products to friends or relatives within Canada, from customers outside of Canada. Simply proceed through the checkout process normally while using the same Ship-To and Bill-To address of the person you're sending the package to.

Shipping to the U.S. is available via manual processing on large orders, by contacting us directly. Please note that for overseas shipping, we will only ship to ports within Canada, at which point your broker must take over the shipment for export.

Shipping & Returns Policy may update or change without notice.