Panama Kotowa Las Brujas Geisha Natural Roasted Whole Coffee Beans

Panama Kotowa Las Brujas Geisha Natural Roasted Whole Coffee Beans

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vacuum packaging, this coffee arrived to us late last summer. It is roasting like new. We are clearing some inventory to make way for new crop arrivals. in vacuum packages. New crop coffee will begin to arrive later in summer. This Natural processed Geisha comes from the Kotowa farm in Panama. Only 50 pounds of this coffee are up for sale!

Light body, more similar to a Bergamot Tea, with aroma of jasmine flower and citrus, with a delicate flavor of ripe raspberry and plum fruits

The name KOTOWA comes from the indigenous word that means “mountains”.
The Kotowa Farms are named in honor of our Canadian grandfather Alexander Duncan Macintyre, who started the family coffee business.

Sometime in the early 1900s Alexander read an article from a region called Boquete, in a distant Central American country called Panama. He read of the mountains surrounding a mysterious volcano,

an unexplored region with a consistently cool climate. His curiosity led him to visit the region, where he fell in love with the area, the people and the magic of the valley. For four generations, the Alexander family has grown and processed in the same traditional way and proudly offers truly special coffee.

During the harvest, we carefully select the cherries to be processed to be pulped using modern equipment and techniques with the clean and crystalline waters of our natural sources. Only then do we slowly dry the coffee beans in the sun at 1,700 meters above sea level or in equipment at no more than 45°C designed to preserve quality and flavor.

MICRO ROASTED EACH SUNDAY MORNING IN SMALL 22 POUND BATCHES: Soon he invested in 3 Probat P12 high-tech digital roasting technologies from Probat Roasters, offer the highest quality small batch Coffee roasters. These machines allow him to roast small batches of each coffee we need just for that day. The advantage is we can roast as little as 18 pounds that will yield around 14 pounds of coffee per cycle this means we are never going to roast more coffee then is needed to fill orders for the day. Giving you an incredibly fresh coffee roasted only after an order is placed. Meaning you will get the freshest coffee possible, still warm as it is bagged and shipped to you while they are still warm from our roaster.

Every Sunday Morning We Start Roasting At 4:00 A.M. I lite our Probat roasters for the day to roast only the coffees that have been ordered that same day. Yes, we take our coffee seriously in fact very seriously. Small batch roasting is more expensive because it limits the amount of coffee, we can roast in one day but, this roasting technique ensures that each batch of coffee Beans will be superior in quality and roasted evenly to the desired roast profile, not mass produced. This process draws out the best possible flavor in each batch. Small batch roasting permits a higher quality of standards in coffee throughout the complete process: from choosing the correct charge & drop temperature & then to slowly roasting each small batch to perfection.

All Our Coffees Are Packaged in Bags That Are Nitrogen Flushed. Nitrogen is an odorless and tasteless gas that is heavier than oxygen. It is typically used in the food industry because of its ability to reduce the staling process. Since Nitrogen has no smell or taste, it won't compromise the quality of the coffee taste but, will ensure its freshness for a long period of time. When paired with our one-way values on our coffee bags it will keep your coffee fresh roasted coffee fresh for months to come. This is a time-consuming process & adds to the cost of our coffee in both bags and labor but, we think it is worth it, because most people only drink around a 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound of coffee a week.