FST Natural Geisha coffee roasted beans.

FST Natural Geisha coffee roasted beans.

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50% Natural Caturra arabica beans and 50% Geisha coffee natural beans

COFFEE The coffee produced by FST is the antithesis of monolithic simplicity. Between November and February, coffee is picked from the 20 different lots on the farm. Soon after picking, the coffee is processed using one of three main processing methods – washed, honey or natural. Depending on the method, this can see the coffee drying on raised beds (known as Camas Africanas) for up to a month. GEISHA In the same way that wine grapes come in different varietals, so too does coffee. Coffea Arabica has literally dozens of varietals – Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Pacamara – and perhaps most famous of all, Geisha. Geisha originally came to Panama from Ethiopia in the twentieth century as part of efforts to find disease resistant fruit. The result was serendipity – the unique terroir of the Panama coffee region speaking to the Geisha varietal to produce the most beautiful coffee in the world. Geisha is now the “go to” coffee in specialty coffee competitions internationally and is found on the menus of the most discerning coffee houses and fine dining establishments around the world. AFRICAN BEDS Camas Africanas are raised timber drying beds that are used to dry the honey and natural preps. This takes anywhere from 10 days up to a month.


Farm: Finca Santa Teresa Varietal: Caturra Region: Volcan, Panama Tasting of: Tropical fruits, floral, oolong An amazing coffee from the renowned Finca Santa Teresa. This coffee has crisp and delicate flavors of Tropical fruits, with a very elegant background , and a floral finish. A very easy to drink coffee. Super clean, you wouldn’t even know that it was a natural.