Panama Coffee - Santa Clara

Panama Coffee - Santa Clara

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The Santa Clara Estate plantation is located in the small town of Boquete, surrounded by volcano Baru, in Chiriqui. From seed to cup, this sustainably grown coffee, hand-picked by local people from the Ngöbe Buglé indigenous tribe is produced under rigorous quality controls, resulting in a unique, delicious cup of coffee. We sort out each batch of coffee beans by its size and density in order to be labeled and stored for roasting to meet our coffee cup characteristics to satisfy our customers’ tasteful demand. Cafe Santa Clara is processed locally in BENEFICIO, locally situated in Boquete.

The rich volcanic soil of Boquete combined with almost perfect climate conditions ( temperatures of 65 – 72 degrees Fahrenheit ) year round makes it ideal to produce top-notch gourmet coffee with definitively unique and distinctive exotic taste, aroma and body. Only in this region of the world, cultivating and harvesting a great variety of Specialty Coffees with uncultivated flower themes; jasmine, mandarin, ripe fruit, berries, caramel, special sweet, vanilla, and chocolate.
Santa Clara coffee provides unique opportunity for you to enjoy Gourmet Coffee from Panama with explosive aroma of 100% ARABICA flavor.